Summer Vacations 2021

Jul 28, 2021
by Lefteris Philippakis
Summer Vacations 2021 στο

Dear friends,
Our workshop will be closed for summer from 13-29 August 2021! However, you can place your order through our online store with shipments being executed after the first week of September. Our offer FREE SHIPPING throughout Greece in the context of the celebrations of the 200th anniversary of the Greek revolution! Make your purchases today and win € 5.80 from your first order! The quality of the art objects is guaranteed by our workshops, PHILIPPAKIS ART, which have been supporting art for 58 years.
We wish you a wonderful summer with health and safety!

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Our work with Artists, Georgios Kastriotis

Jan 15, 2021
by Lefteris Philippakis
Our work with Artists, Georgios Kastriotis στο

The artist Georgios Kastriotis was born in Athens on June 14, 1899. Life brought him so that the boy whose grandparents' roots were in Athens, could grow up in Paris. There he went to school, making his first statues of plasticine and clay. Good in Mathematics, he enrolled at the School of Engineering in Lausanne. He fell ill and did not finish. So he found himself again for two years in Paris, (1926-1928) which marked the path of his life.

The great French sculptor Antoine Bourdelle, deeply impressed by the talent of the young Greek who did not want to become an engineer but an artist, took him to teach him.

Benaki Museum, A hidden treasure!

Sep 8, 2020
by MuseumMaster Admin
Benaki Museum, A hidden treasure! στο

The video presents the workshops that the Benaki Museum cooperates throughout the years for the reproduction of copies to be sold exclusively by the museum's shop.

Philippakis Art workshops throughout the last forty years invent ways and technics to create art objects, museum replicas / copies. All items are handmade and have as a main goal to promote greek art and civilization of our country to the world. 

Watch the video


Our work with Artists, Georgia Kotretsos

Aug 3, 2020
by Lefteris Philippakis
Our work with Artists, Georgia Kotretsos στο

Throughout the years we, Philippakis Art workshops, have been blessed to work with various artists, well known, upcoming, beginers and all this time we have been discovering that its them who have taken as a step further. Together we have found new ways of coating various materials with metal, from shape, material absorbency, final formation to the exhibit itself. We are very fortunate to be able to work with them from the very begining of their projects. Many times we are both astonished from the output of their work and we are very satisfied to see that it was more than what they have expected!

Today we are going to present to you one of the projects that we have worked on with Georgia Kotretsos.

Our work with Artists, Marios Voutsinas

Jul 20, 2020
by Lefteris Philippakis
Our work with Artists, Marios Voutsinas στο
Born in the City of Light, Paris, in the early 1950s, Marios Angelos Voutsinas was shaped and influenced by the political and social unrest that followed in the next two decades.
His artistic work focuses on man and exudes the simplest but also strong emotions that permeate us every day: loneliness, joy, sadness, indifference, enthusiasm. Microscopy and jewelry are the two areas in which he has gathered all his talent.

Museum of Maritime Tradition and Sponge fishing of New Koutali, Lemnos

Jul 1, 2020
by Lefteris Philippakis
Museum of Maritime Tradition and Sponge fishing of New Koutali, Lemnos στο

The small but most important museum that was created in the town of Nea Koutali on the island of Lemnos is another project that we decided we wanted to deal with. It was founded by the refugees of 1922 who dealt almost exclusively with sponge harvesting and the elaboration of the sponges. The exhibits of the Museum of Maritime Tradition and Sponge Fishing of New Koutali, show the naval tradition of the refugees from the island of Koutali in the Sea of Marmara before their uprooting, the sponge harvesting and the elaboration of the sponges. It displays the archaeological collection of Nea Koutali, which consists of items, that the sponge divers collected from the depths of the sea.

Our work with Artists, Stelios Gavalas

Jun 22, 2020
by Lefteris Philippakis
Our work with Artists, Stelios Gavalas στο

Stelios Gavalas

Stelios Gavalas was born in Athens in 1966. In 1985 he was admitted to the Athens School of Fine Arts and studied sculpture, while at the same time he studied in the laboratories of plaster, ceramics, wood carving and metalwork. In 1990 he received the Diploma in Sculpture with honors as well as a Diploma in Theoretical Studies. From 1992-1994 he lived in Sydney, Australia and experimented with modern materials for casting in collaboration with the Sydney School of Fine Arts.

Historical Archive Museum of Hydra

Jun 11, 2020
by Lefteris Philippakis
Historical Archive Museum of Hydra  στο

The Historical Archive Museum was founded in 1918 on the left side of the main port of the island. In its imposing spaces it houses the fully reorganized Archives - Museum Service and the Library, and it operates on a daily basis for historical researchers, the islanders and all visitors. There are great paintings of the 19th century and a number of objects-relics from the Struggle of 1821, watercolors of the time, maps, navigation instruments, cannons, wood-carved acrophores and shipwrecks. Representative samples of historical documents of the 18th-19th century from the approximately 18,000 primary archival documents belonging to his collection as well as an impressive photographic archive of the island with the great naval tradition and history, which excites visitors even today, are on display.

Philippakis Art Workshop in Athens

Jul 22, 2019
by Lefteris Philippakis
Philippakis Art Workshop in Athens στο

PHILIPPAKIS ART workshops in Athens - 55 years of handmade creations and great collaborations! 

It is true that artwork created by hand preserves its value throughout the years. Having studied ancient Greek art and craftsmanship of metal processing, we create in our workshops selected artwork. The method we use, Electroforming, gives us the ability to have results of great detail in the copy produced, since our know-how in mold creation gives us the ability to work with original findings without spoiling them.

More than five decades now, the creation of such artwork in museum replicas, sculpture, jewelry, interior decoration and business gifts, is the exclusive BUSINESS of the Philippakis workshops. Working with various materials, such as, silver, copper, bronze, aluminum, marble and resin, we create artwork of high aesthetic. Absolute consistency, creative mood and above all, guarantee of originality characterize each and every cooperation that we engage in. New Product Catalog

Dec 3, 2018
by Lefteris Philippakis New Product Catalog στο

At the end of 2018 we decided to creat a new product catalog for our wholesale and retail customers. In this catalog you will be able to see almost all our collection of art inspired by our ancient Art and Civilization! Greece is a great source of inspiration and always hides new pahts to follow. This is what we have been doing all these 55 years in order to enrich our collection and propose to you art of high aesthetic that will preserve its value throught out the years!

Follow the link New Product Catalog

We wishing you a very happy and prosperous new year 2019!