Jun 11, 2020
by Lefteris Philippakis
Historical Archive Museum of Hydra

The Historical Archive Museum was founded in 1918 on the left side of the main port of the island. In its imposing spaces it houses the fully reorganized Archives - Museum Service and the Library, and it operates on a daily basis for historical researchers, the islanders and all visitors. There are great paintings of the 19th century and a number of objects-relics from the Struggle of 1821, watercolors of the time, maps, navigation instruments, cannons, wood-carved acrophores and shipwrecks. Representative samples of historical documents of the 18th-19th century from the approximately 18,000 primary archival documents belonging to his collection as well as an impressive photographic archive of the island with the great naval tradition and history, which excites visitors even today, are on display.

The Historical Archive Museum of Hydra has recently completed a century of life. On the occasion of the anniversary of the founding of the museum, a series of events and cultural activities tοοκ place on the beautiful island.On the event the Director of the Hydra Museum Archive, Dina Adamopoulou, who gives daily all her efforts to keep this museum up to date working closely with the Ministry of Culture and all parties that could be of help to support the existance of this unique museum.

You can visit the museum on facebook/History-Museum/Ιστορικό Αρχείο Μουσείο Ύδρας / Γενικά Αρχεία του Κράτους, on Youtube and on the internet, www.iamy.gr.

As a museum replicas workshop what we really look forward to, is to find museums that are not so known and big but host great heirloom collections that most of us do not know. We follow this path for many years now and we are presenting to you today our co-operation that started many years ago with one of the museums on the island of Hydra, the Historical Archive Museum. There is a specific catergory in our e-shop where you can find exclusive gifts to offer to your love ones, the "Museums" category.


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