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The representations of goddess Athena in statues, vases and coins of the ancient Greece and in particular, in the tetradrachm of Athens, inspired us to create a beautiful paperweight. This wonderful piece of art, is made of brass and it depicts goddess Athena, creating a really useful accessory for your office.

Dimensions: 6,5 cm x 5 mm

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Athena, in Greek mythology, was the goddess of wisdom, strategy and martial art, philosophy and weaving. She was also the patron goddess of Athens, as well as patroness of craftsmanship. Her symbol was the owl and herd of Athena and her sacred tree was the olive, which she donated to the Athenians, in order to become the patroness of the city. In her honor, the Athenians held the Panathenaic games, an ancient Greek festival of Athens which took place in the city every four years.

The goddess was born, coming out of the head of Zeus, fully armed, wearing a helmet and holding a shield. Athena was the favorite daughter of Zeus, and inherited her father's omnipotence and the wariness and wisdom of her mother, Metis. Goddess Athena, apart from Athens, was worshipped in many cities in antiquity and her cult was very widespread. Athena always remained chaste (Athena Parthenos) and the Athenians founded the Parthenon, the most famous temple dedicated to her, on the Acropolis of her namesake city, Athens, in her honour, which became the symbol of the city.

The ancient currency of Athens, depicting goddess Athena, is exhibited at the Numismatic Museum in Athens.

449 - 419 B.C.
Dimensions (WxHxD):
6,5 cm x 5 mm
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296 gr
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