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We created a guitar pick with an engraved design of an owl, based on elements of the silver tetradrachm coin of Athens, which is dated to 449-419 B.C. The coin depicts an owl (glauka), with an olive branch and the inscription ΑΘΕ (ATHE). The owl was the symbol of wisdom in Ancient Greece and the sacred bird of goddess Athena. The guitar pick is crafted by hand and is made of solid silver 925°.

Dimensions: 2,6cm x 3cm x 1mm

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The silver tetradrachm of Athens (449-419 BC) (Athenian tetradrachm) was the most widely used coin throughout Greece in the heyday of Athens in the 5th BC century to the time of Alexander the Great, where by then prevailed the Macedonian coins. It was used in trade throughout the Greek world. The ancient Athenians chose on the obverse of the coin to depict goddess Athena, who also gave her name to the city and on the reverse, the symbol of the city of Athens, the owl (glauka) with an olive branch, the sacred plant of Athens and the inscription ΑΘΕ.

This coin was better known simply, as the Athenian owl and is exhibited at the Numismatic Museum in Athens. Many centuries later, the Athenian owl of the tetradrachm is illustrated again on the Greek coin of one euro.

449 - 419 B.C.
Dimensions (WxHxD):
2,6 cm x 3 cm x 1 mm
Gross Weight:
86 gr
Gift packaging - Description Greek & English
Sterling Silver 925°
Guitar pick
6 gr

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