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Mycenaean animal brass figurine. This small figurine is inspired by an ancient terracotta kids' toys . Toys played an important role from the ancient time. They helped children overcome difficulties, but also to have fun. The ancient Greeks believed that games played an important role in fostering a child. That is why the games were included in their daily training program. Dated 14th-13th cent. B.C.

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Dimensions: 5,5 cm x 2 cm x 4,5 cm

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Characteristic animal form (zomorphic) figurine of the Late Mycenaean period. Animals were very important in the Mycenaean life. With them they secured their food even more used them in livestock and agriculture to produce their products necessary for life. So they dedicated these idols to their gods to ask for their protection and help (14th - 13th century B.C.). Initially, these figurines were considered as religious idols, but with the passage of time, it developed into a child's toy as well.

Animal form figurines were frequently found in children graves, while relevant representations of children holding similar dolls are encountered on grave columns, especially in Attica. Such figurines also had a cultic function, as they were also discovered in sanctuaries. A variety of animal idols are exhibited in the National Archaeological Museum in Athens, the Archaeological Museum of Chalkida, the Archaeological Museum of Pella, the Archaelogical Museum of Herclion and in many mseum abroad.

14th - 13th century B.C.
with acrylic base
Dimensions (WxHxD):
5,5 cm x 2cm x4,5cm
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170 gr
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Coloured Brass
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