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An amazing gold-plated 24K brass pendant from our collection, made especially for Valentine's day that carries all the special feelings you want to express!The pendant in the shape of a heart has a central decorative pattern which comes from motifs that decorated ancient amphoreas from Euboea, in Greece (650-500 B.C). It is crafted by hand and it is offered with a black cord, ready to give it to your sweetheart. A unique work of art, that will adorn your neck in the most stylish way!

You can also choose the heart pendant "love", in silver 925° and gold-plated 24 carat silver.

Dimensions: 4,5cm x 4cm

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The heart is arguably one of the most popular symbols on the planet, as it appears literally everywhere. This symbol, however, is not supposed to represent the real human heart, but the stem of the plant silphium , a herb, which was popular for its contraceptive skills in Roman times.

Unfortunately the Romans literally led to its extinction. Also, the symbol of the heart goes far back in time and it was even used in Roman coins. The internal designs are a result of Greek ornament patterns found on Amphora from Euboea around 650-500 B.C.

with black satin cord
Dimensions (WxHxD):
4,5 cm x 4 cm
Gross Weight:
32 gr
Gift packaging - Description Greek & English
Gold-plated 24K Brass
15 gr

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