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Harmony 2022 Charm

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HARMONY, our charm for 2022! This year we chose our creation to be worn as a piece of jewelry!

Pythagoras called the universe around the earth "Kosmos" from the Greek word "Kosmima" which means jewel, because he perseved it as a jewel. The idea behind our design dates back to antiquity and has to do with the emergence of the classical period which begins after the first Olympic Games 776 BC and is symbolized by the circle in the middle of the triangle "0".

The triangle symbolizes the imaginary harmony in the universe that Pythagoras called the "Cosmos" (world) from the word jewel (kosmima).
The three angles of the triangle are the three astrological properties Stability, Impulsivity and Variability. Number 2 (II), placed in the three corners of the triangle, symbolize Being and Becoming as well as Male and Female. This laid us to our design for 2022!

Dimensions: 4,5 cm x 2 mm (thickness)
Handmade solid silver and blue zircon stone in the center.

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