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We created a guitar pick with a depiction of two dolphins, detail from the well known fresco depicting a ship parade (Niopompi) from Akrotiri archeological site in Santorini. The fresco is dated to 1650 B.C. The guitar pick is crafted by hand and is made of solid silver 925°.

Dimensions: 2,6cm x 3cm x 1mm

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The fresco of a ship parade (niopompi) is one of the greatest monuments of European art. It was found at Akrotiri on Santorini. The fresco illustrated a convoy of 14 different sized rowing boats, between two ports. It is dated to 1650 BC, in the Bronze Age. It is a painting of Minoan art and it was discovered by Professor Marinatos in 1972, in Santorini.

The fresco is located in Akrotiri and it shows a fleet of ships leaving one city and arriving at another. The painting has a narrative character and probably relates to a historical event, a mythological story, in a invasion or a festivity.

1650 B.C.
Dimensions (WxHxD):
2,6 cm x 3 cm x 1 mm
Gross Weight:
86 gr
Gift packaging - Description Greek & English
Sterling Silver 925°
Guitar pick
6 gr

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