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Solid Silver 999°
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This jewellery has as a source of inspiration one of an ancient coins of Naxos, the tetradrachm of Naxos, dated to 461-430 B.C., which depicts the head of Dionysus, wearing an ivy wreath. The reverse side bears the inscription NAXION around a Silenus. The illustrations on both sides are particularly designed and very interesting. The reliefs create a jewel of unique aesthetic and historical value. The pendant is made of silver 999° anf is offered with a black satin cord. The two different designed sides enable you to wear it each time, like it's the first time!

Diameter: 2,5cm

Thickness: 0,3cm

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Dionysus was the god of fertility of nature and wine. He was considered as the patron of the theater and the arts. According to mythology, he is the son of Zeus and Semele. He spread the art of tending grapes and traveled the world, encouraging his cult. In his trips, he was usually accompanied by a troop of Satyrs, Mainades and Sileni.

Naxos minted coins in antiquity and many of these ancient coins have survived. The attic tetradrachm of Naxos, dated to 461-430 B.C., depicts the head of Dionysus, wearing an ivy wreath. The reverse side bears the inscription NAXION around a Silenus, who is seated in the ground with open legs, pointing to the left. In his right hand, he holds a kantharos (glass) and he seems ready to drink. The coin has a diameter of 28 millimetres and weights 16,85 grams.

Ancient coins are kept in the Numismatic Museum in Athens.

461 - 430 B.C.
with black satin cord
Dimensions (WxHxD):
2,5 cm x 0,3cm
Gross Weight:
21 gr
Gift packaging - Description Greek & English
Solid Silver 999°
4 gr

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