Baby Maternity Bracelet, Silver-plated

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Maternity bracelet, the very first record of birth! It can be “coated” with precious metal and become a unique gift, a shiny memorabilia!
It is one of the keepsakes that we moms, put together in a box, like the piece of the navel, the first hear and the first tooth and at a certain moment pass it on to our children! If you do not have your baby's maternity bracelet we can create one for you! Instead of placing the paper with the baby's date under the acrylic base, we can also engrave on the bracelet a name of a date!

** Click here to add the cost of engraving by laser.

Everything is handmade and is sent to you in gift box ready to be offered.

The photos here are indicative of maternity bracelets that we have already created.

All prices include VAT.

All of our creations are handmade and are accompanied by a certificate of authenticity and a guarantee of our workshop.

Estimated delivery time :           - Greece : 5 working days

                                                  - Europe : 7 - 10 working days

                                                 - Rest of world : 10 - 28 working days

It’s a wonderful feeling to be able to keep a memory shining forever! It’s the need to move along with objects that at a certain point played an important role in our life.

This was the idea behind in what we do today in the field of art and creation. All started in 1963, when the creator of this technique, Lefteris Philippakis, had the inspiration to design items using various metals,

Our engagement with various metals, such as, copper, silver, bronze, silver-plating and gold-plating, drove us through the years to understand that we can “coat” various items and create unique pieces of art.

Our art has various forms! It can give a piece another look, another color; it can transform a piece of melted wax into a unique book-stand. It can give “life” to your baby’s first shoe, to a seashell that you once found on the beach, to a plastic toy, to a lucky charm.

Our love for differentiation and uniqueness drove us through the path of pursuit, to create objects that are related with our everyday life and that we can make them shine for ever!!!

Preserve now your baby’s first shoe, in a lustrous solid metal coating for a lifetime of enduring beauty.

Craftsmen with taste and zeal work by hand the objects in order to prepare them to “wear” their new clothes with the method of Electroforming.

Shining precious metals, silver 999°  and 24K gold-plating, can transform your favorite object into a piece of art, ready to decorate  a corner in your home, or to be offered as a special gift!

With Shine4ever the “fairytale” … comes alive and lives forever!

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