Engraving by laser

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Engraving by laser.

Give to your gift a personilized touch! Engrave an initial, a name, a date, a sign, by laser and make it special! Do not forget to choose among the three different fonts that are presented here and make a note into the comments space of your order.

Be unique and make the difference!

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Engraving is the art of etching a hard flat, cylindrical or other surface to create decorative patterns on that surface. For example, the ancient seals and ancient inscriptions on columns are the first engravings of humanity.

We have many kinds of engraving. Depending on the material of the plate, refer to wood engraving (engraving on wood), for engraving (engraving on copper), lithography (stone engraving), etc. The French origin word gravure is another common term for engravings (mostly engravings).

The woodcut, first used by the Chinese, is the oldest engraving technique for printing on fabric and designs from the 6th century. AD, for projects printing on paper. The woodcut was used much later (14th cent.) In Europe for printing religious images. After the invention of printing with movable elements of Gutenberg, the woodcut was used for inserting images in books.

With the evolution of technology we are also able to draw on almost any surface, glass, metal, acrylic (plexi-glass) etc. with great detail the design that we want.

We can thus create our own personalized gift and leave our mark in time!