An Archaeology of Representations

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Ancient Greek vase-painting and contemporary methodologiesHow can we read the intricacies of figural representations painted on pottery? Such a hermeneutic process depends on our broader understanding of ancient Greek visual signs and languages, as well as on the methodological strategies we construct and apply to our analyses. Exploring diverse methodologies, adopted or advanced in older as well as in more recent interdisciplinary research on ancient Greek vases, An Archaeology of Representations: Ancient Greek Vase-Painting and Contemporary Methodologies offers original approaches to vase-paintings of archaic and classical Greece, with an emphasis on the semiotics of ancient modes of representation. Written by an international group of eminent scholars, the essays in this book address methodological questions and propose wide-ranging interpretive arguments for the study of a large number of images from the rich and complex corpus of ancient Greek vase-painting. An Archaeology of Representations constitutes a major contribution to current investigations of ancient visual culture and to the analysis of the visual grammar of images.

Contributors include Burkhard Fehr, François Lissarrague, Nigel J. Spivey, Matthias Steinhart, Timothy J. McNiven, Deborah Steiner, Richard Neer, Mark D. Stansbury-O'Donnell, Claude Calame, Michalis Tiverios, Guy Hedreen, Jocelyn Penny Small, Françoise Frontisi-Ducroux, Susan B. Matheson.

Author: Dimitrios Yatromanolakis
Publication year: 2009
Number of pages / Dimensions: 500 / 24x17
Clothbound edition
ISBN: 978-960-354-250-6

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Ancient Greece
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Yatromanolakis Dimitrios
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