Hellenistic Sculpture

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The vibrant realism and the technical skills of Hellenistic sculpture create the foundations of European art. Under the rule of Alexander and his cosmopolitan successors the sculptors enriched the Greek classical themes with a wide variety of new themes - hermaphrodites, lyrics, villagers, coolers - and modernist styles - baroque use, forms of everyday life, personalized portraits.

Professor Smith presents a reevaluation of this rich and elaborate period of the era as a period of modernity, describing the variety, sophistication and complexity of its styles. Numerous images reveal the skill and ingenuity of the great artists of the Hellenistic period, who created works of exceptional beauty and expressive power. The result is a realistic overview of a phase crucial to the evolution of European art.

Language: Greek

Author: R.R.R. Smith
Translation in Greek: Koutsoumba D. & Hamilaki C.
Publication year: 2009
Number of pages / Dimensions: 376 / 24x17
ISBN: 978-960-354-242-1

Publisher: Kardamitsa

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17 cm x 24 cm

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R.R.R. Smith
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