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Acrobat Clock, Silver-plated Copper

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From the unique performance of the acrobat engraved on the cover of a sword found in Malia, in the island of Crete in Greece, dating to 1600 B.C., we created a special artwork to be used as a clock, capturing one of the most remarkable and dangerous figure in that sport, which was very famous in ancient Greece. The Acrobat Clock is made of silver-plated copper, placed on wooden base.

Dimensions: 29cm x 23cm

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Kyvistima (summerset) was an ancient Cretan sport. It was an acrobatic exercise, performed by one or two acrobats, that were called kyvistitires.The kyvistitires were men, dressed in only an elaborate loincloth and a girdle with tassels around their waist. They usually wore a wreath with feathers on the head and bracelets on their hands. In the Cretan sport, the athletes had to touch the edges of their hands and feet on the ground, lift the rest of their body and then bend their bodies, until it formed a semicircle or a circle.

The most admirable and dangerous figure in that sport, was the execution on or between upright swords or knives, that is shown on  the gold-coated engraving of the handle of a royal sword from the Palace of Malia.

1600 B.C.
with wooden base
Dimensions (WxHxD):
29 cm x 23 cm
Gross Weight:
560 gr
Gift packaging - Description Greek & English
Silver-plated Copper
522 gr

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