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Worry bead, made of yusuri (black coral) beads. The worry bead is hand-carved by masterful artisans and all the beads are of excellent quality and authentic beauty. A unique aesthetic accessory you should not miss!

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Bead Diameter: 10 - 14 mm

Dimension of the worry bead: 33 cm

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Worry beads were first created in Greece around 1000 A.D. The first place in Greece known to have used "beads" was the monastic community of Mount Athos. Worry beads are called komboloi (κομπολόι) in Greek.

Worry beads were first used by Greek citizens during the Ottoman period. The Turks held the "tesbih", which was later called "ntespigi" by the Greeks. As the komboloi evolved during the years of Turkish occupation, the number 33 of the turkish "tesbih" was no longer observed and the Greeks reduced the number of beads to 23.

Nowadays, worry beads are made of beads of various materials and metals. In addition to the requisite silk cord or silver chain, other characteristic features of the komboloi are the papas and the founda. The papas (which literally means "priest" in Greek) is the single bead that is larger than the rest whose style is often altogether different from the others. Its place is at the end of the loop where the ends are joined together.

The founda is the tassel tied to the end of the string behind the papas.

Yusuri is a bush at the bottom of sea. It is a live organism because with the passing of time and the use it becomes smoother; the layer is removed and only the body of Yusuri bead is left behind. Sometimes Yusuri beads are decorated with various materials. This is mainly owed to Egyptians who sculptured and then decorated them with various materials such as silver, gold, ivory, enamel, etc.

Dimensions (WxHxD):
33 cm
Gross Weight:
58 gr
Gift packaging - Description Greek & English
Yusuri (Black Coral)
Worry beads
33.6 gr

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