Tourmaline Begleri, Distaff Edges

Silver 999°
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We created a begleri with tourmaline stones and engraved edges, inspired by detail of a distaff of the 19th century. The distaff (rocket loom) was a tool, used for spinning wool into thread. The string of beads (begleri) is handmade, the chain is made of silver 925° and the design at the edges are made of silver 999°. An impressive gift for your friends.

Dimensions: 20cm long.

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The art of weaving has been known since the Neolithic Period, as the findings of that period indicate, such as spindles, distaffs etc. In the Homeric epics, women had as one of their main activities the weaving.

The distaff was a tool, used for spinning wool into thread. It is designed to hold the unspun fibers, keeping them untangled and thus easing the spinning process. Fiber is wrapped around the distaff, and tied in place with a piece of ribbon or string. In Greece through antiquity, distaff was called ilakati and it was ussually decorated with carvings.

19th century A.D.
with tourmaline stones
Dimensions (WxHxD):
20 cm
Gross Weight:
45 gr
Gift packaging - Description Greek & English
Silver 999°
String of beads, Begleri
21 gr

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