The Voyage of Dionysus


Copper with patina
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Frame with the voyage of Dionysus. Detail from an Attic black-figure kylix, depicting God Dionysus in a ship, with a vine strung to the mast of the boat. It is dated to 550-530 B.C. The representation is made of copper with patina, mounted on a white wooden frame with glass.

Dimensions: 25 cm x 25 cm x 4,3 cm

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Dionysus was the god of fertility of nature and wine. He was considered as the patron of the theater and the arts. According to mythology, he is the son of Zeus and Semele. He spread the art of tending grapes and traveled the world, encouraging his cult. In his trips, he was usually accompanied by a troop of Satyrs and Mainades.

Many festivals were held in owner of God Dionysus, such as the City Dionysia, the Rural Dionysia, the Anthesteria and the Lenaia. One of the famous myths featuring the god was the metamorphosis of the Tyrrhenian pirates into dolphins when they attempted to kidnap him and sell him as a slave.

The depiction of the voyage of Dionysus on an ancient Attic black-figure kylix is made by the ancient greek painter Exekias. The kylix is dated to 550-530 B.C. and is at the Staatliche Antikensammlungen Museum in Munich, in Germany.

Ancient Greece
550 - 530 B.C.
with white wooden frame with glass
Dimensions (WxHxD):
25 cm x 25 cm x 4,3 cm
Gross Weight:
1200 gr
Gift packaging - Description Greek & English
Copper with patina
935 gr

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