Myrtle Tree, Gold-plated 24K

The sacred tree of Goddess Aphrodite of Pafos, Cypus

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Myrtle tree, the sacred tree of Goddess Aphrodite of Pafos inCypus. It is believed to be a symbol of beauty and youth. We have created a work of art using two large branches twined in hand, where the endings are many small twigs with blossoms on them. The sculpture is handmade of solid brass, plated in gold solution 24 carats and mounted on an acrylic base (plexiglass).

Dimensions: 15cm x 20cm x 4cm

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The Myrtle is evergreen plant, with white flowers, which belongs to the family Myrtaceae. The ancient Myrtus was the sacred plant of Paphia Venus (Aphrodite) and it was a symbol of virginity, beauty and youth.

According to greek mythology, the goddess of love, Aphrodite, was born from the foam of the waves and surfaced in Paphos, in Cyprus. When she came out of the sea, she run and hide behind myrtle trees. The ancient Greeks wore crowned themselves with myrtle wreaths in many rituals and the ancient jewellers created unique jewels, in the shape of the leaves and the flowers of the myrtle. The plant was also used as an ornamental plant in the temples and was particularly useful in pharmacy, as mentioned by the pharmacologist and botanist Dioscorides.

with acrylic base
Dimensions (WxHxD):
15 cm x 20 cm x 4 cm
Gross Weight:
560 gr
Gift packaging - Description Greek & English
Gold-plated 24K Brass
460 gr

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