Black Agate Begleri

Solid Silver 999°
FA 000402
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Begleri, decorated with black agate stones and silver decorative beads. The design of the beads is inspired by a detail from a jewel of a greek female traditional costume. The begleri is handmade, the chain is made of silver 925° and the design at the edges are made of silver 999°.

 Dimension: 20 cm

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The Greek traditional costumes are works of household handicraft or of specialised artisans. The  forms, materials, and decorative subjects of the female costumes differ according to local production, way of life and cultural influences of each region. The traditional costumes also vary, according to the age and social status of the person. 

During the 18th and 19th centuries, two types of costume are mostly found. These are costumes with sigouni, kavadi, sagias anderi and costumes with gown.The decoration of the female dress is completed with a variety of  jewellery.The jewelers of these periods, created innumerable decorative motifs. The material they used was mainly silver. Gold waused more rarely and mostly in the islands. Precious, semi-precious stones or even common colourful glass adorned the jewels.

Traditional female costumes and jewels are exhibited at the National Historical Museum of Athens. 

with black agate stones
Dimensions (WxHxD):
20 cm
Gross Weight:
50 gr
Solid Silver 999°
String of beads, Begleri
26 gr

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