Aryballos Gold-plated Pendant Charm

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Aryballos gold-plated pendant charm. Observing form the top an aryballos decoration in the black-figure technique, inspired us to creat this unique pendant charm. The aryballos has a spherical body, a flat rim with an overhang and a strap handle from shoulder to rim. On the body, one can see various geometrical designs such as the ones depicted on our jewel charm.

Diameter: 5 cm

Handmade solid brass gold-plated in 24 carats gold solution.

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An aryballos (Greek: ἀρύβαλλος; plural aryballoi) was a small spherical or globular flask with a narrow neck used in Ancient Greece. It was used to contain perfume or oil, and is often depicted in vase paintings being used by athletes during bathing. In these depictions, the vessel is at times attached by a strap to the athlete's wrist, or hung by a strap from a peg on the wall.
The shape of the aryballos originally came from the oinochoe of the Geometric period of the 9th century BCE, a globe-shaped wine jar. By the Proto-Corinthian period of the following century, it had attained its definitive shape, going from spherical to ovoid to conical, and finally back to spherical. This definitive form has a wide, flat mouth, and a single small handle. Some later variations have bell-shaped mouths, a second handle, and/or a flat base. Potters also created inventive shapes for aryballoi. The Austrian commission of the Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum is investigating the material properties of these vessels using computed tomography and optical 3D acquisition techniques.
Ancient Greece
with tassel
Dimensions (WxHxD):
5,3 cm
Gross Weight:
120 gr
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Gold-plated 24K Brass
17 gr