2018 Charm, Bird on two rings

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2018 charm was inspired by a brass ancient pendant, in the form of a bird standing on two rings. It was found at Feres, in Thessaly and is dated to 8th-7th century B.C. We chose to combine this impressive and unique shape of the bird pendant with an ancient spatula of the 5th century found in the area of Keramikos in Athens and form the number "18" thus creating a unique and special charm for the new year.

This way we continue to enrich our charm collection with gift proposals desinged in a minimalist approach to satisfy the most demanding tastes. The charms even in the ancient times were used as symbols of good luck and protection and that is why today we tend to identify them with the coming of the new year and the hopes to bring good fortune to our lives. It is a symbolic gesture that shows our appreciation to whoever is given as a gift.

Dimensions: 3cm x 8,5cm

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The pendants in antiquitywere the most processed jewelry and are generally rare. These objects usually had one or more holes. They were used in everyday life and in funeral rituals. The most common forms are elongated, oval and rectangular. The piercing was usually done in their small side.

The decoration of the pendants is mainly geometrical with many themes that vary, depending on their origin. The depiction of female figures or animals, such as birds, reptiles, fish were very common. The pendants were made of clay, stone, silver and gold probably were sewn on the clothes or hung by the neck as amulets.

Pendants with holes are kept at the Cycladic Art Museum and the National Archaeological Museum in Athens.

Feres, Thessaly
8th - 7th century B.C.
with tassel
Dimensions (WxHxD):
3 cm x 8,5 cm
Gross Weight:
30 gr
Gift packaging - Description Greek & English
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