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Rodax (Rosette), Earrings, Silver 925°
FA 001511
Rodax (Rosette), Silver Earrings
Mycenae, 1400-1300 B.C., 2,5 cm, 32 gr, Gift packaging - Description Greek & English, Sterling Silver 925°, Earrings, 12 gr

Earrings with a decorative round-shaped rosette (rodakas) with floral decoration and an engraved flower, consisting of six leaves and decorative beads. It is inspired by a mycenaean rosette bead. During the Mycenaean period, these jewelry decorated the men's and women's clothing and the diadems of the Mycenaean Queens. The pendant is offered with a black cord.

1400-1300 B.C., Mycenae

Rosette Diameter: 2.5 cm

Silver 925°

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Corinthian Bowl with Spiral, Recycled Aluminum.
FX 003050
Corinthian Bowl with Spiral
Corinth, 750 - 500 B.C., 21 cm x 3 cm, 745 gr, Gift packaging - Description Greek & English, Recycled Aluminum , Bowl, 668 gr

Corithian Bowl with Spiral, inspired by the original, that was found at temple of Hera Limenia in ancient Corinth.

750-500 BC, Perachora, Ancient Corinth.

Dimensions: 21 cm x 3 cm

Recycled Aluminum.

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Mom's Maternity Bracelet, Silver 999° placed on acrylic base
S4E 001212
Mom's Maternity Bracelet, Silver
Gift packaging - Description Greek & English

Mom's maternity bracelet, the very first record of birth! It can be "coated" with precious metal and become a unique gift, a shiny memorabilia! It is one of the keepsakes that we moms, put together in a box, like the piece of the navel, the first hear and the first tooth and at a certain moment pass it on to our children!

Coat with precious metals your materinity bracelet and let this special memory shine for ever!

Coated with pure silver 999°

Everything is handmade and is sent to you in gift box ready to be offered.

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Olive Wreath II, Brass with green patina, mounted on an acrylic base (plexi-glass).
FX 003115
Olive Wreath, Green patina
Ancient Olympia , 776 B.C., with acrylic base, 13 cm x 15 cm x3 cm, 252 gr, Gift packaging - Description Greek & English, Brass with natural oxidation, Wreath, 130 gr

The Olive wreath, also known as kotinos, is a symbol of peace and creation. It was the prize for the winners of the ancient Olympic Games. The design and sculpture is made by the artist El Phil (Eleftherios A. Philippakis).

776 B.C., Ancient Olympia.

Dimensions: 14cm x 15cm x 3cm

Solid brass with green natural patina on acrylic base.

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Ball with wavy handle, Silver Baby Rattle, Handmade.
FA 001115
Ball wavy handle, Silver Baby Rattle
with tassel, 3 cm x 9 cm , 100 gr, Gift packaging - Description Greek & English, Silver, Baby Rattle, 20 gr

Silver baby rattle, small ball with wavy handle. Baby rattles were used since the ancient years. Its sound and shiny metal kept the newborn calm.

Handmade silver 999°.

Offered with a tassel in a gift packaging.

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Cross-shaped Figurine, Silver 999°
FA 000912
Cross-shaped Figurine, Cyprus
Cyprus, 3900 - 2500 B.C., with acrylic base, 5 cm x 10 cm x 3,5 cm, 70 gr, Gift packaging - Description Greek & English, Solid Silver 999°, Figurine, 40 gr

Silver replica of a cross-shaped (cruciform) figurine made of picrolite, from the district of Paphos in Cyprus, mounted on an acrylic base (plexiglass).

Chalcolithic period, 3900-2500 BC.

Dimensions: 5cm x 10cm x 3,5cm

Copy in silver 999° on acrylic base (plexiglass).

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Silver Baby Rattle, ball with handle, handmade silver 999°..
FA 001116
Ball, Silver baby rattle
with tassel, 3 cm x 9 cm , 100 gr, Gift packaging - Description Greek & English, Silver, Baby Rattle, 20 gr

Silver baby rattle, small ball with handle. Baby rattles were well known since the ancient years. The sound they produced when the babys shook it, stopped them from crying.

Handmade silver 999° in gift packaging.

Dimensions: ball diameter 3cm | handle length 9cm

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An archaeology of representations, by the author Yatromanolakis Dimitrios
DA 001009
An Archaeology of Representations
Ancient Greece, 17 cm x 24 cm, Gift packaging - Description Greek & English, Yatromanolakis Dimitrios, English, 2009, 978-960-354-250-6, Pages: 500, Kardamitsas

An Archaeology of Representations: Ancient Greek Vase-Painting and Contemporary Methodologies offers original approaches to vase-paintings of archaic and classical Greece, with an emphasis on the semiotics of ancient modes of representation. Written by an international group of eminent scholars, the essays in this book address methodological questions and propose wide-ranging interpretive arguments for the study of a large number of images from the rich and complex corpus of ancient Greek vase-painting. Author: Dimitrios Yatromanolakis

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Latini, Sailing Ship, Silver 999° on acrylic base.
FA 000505
Latini, Sailing Ship, Silver
18th century A.D., with acrylic base, 9 cm x 10 cm x 2 cm, 190 gr, Gift packaging - Description Greek & English, Solid Silver 999°, Ship, 90 gr

Design of a type of sailboat called "Latini". The representation of the boat is inspired by a byzantine plate, dated to 18th century.

18th century A.D., Canakkale (Dardanelles)

Dimensions: 9cm x 10cm x 2cm (with acrylic base)

Silver 999° on acrylic base (plexiglass).

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Sailing Yacht, Silver 999°, mounted on acrylic base.
FA 000501
Sailing Yacht, Silver
Greece, 1924 A.D., with acrylic base, 6,2 cm x 9,5 cm x 2,5 cm, 190 gr, Gift packaging - Description Greek & English, Solid Silver 999°, Ship, 90 gr

Miniature sailing yacht, mounted on acrylic base. The sailing yachts are large wind-powered vessels, on which the control of the ship's movement is achieved with sails. The ship is inspired by an embossed represenation of a ship on a handmade candy box, made of glass, dated to 1924.

1924 A.D., Greece

Dimensions: 6,2cm x 9,5cm x 2,5cm (with acrylic base)

Silver 999°.

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Myrtle Tree, Silver-plated, Sculpture in brass, plated in silver solution 999°, mounted on acrylic base (plexiglass).
FX 002051
Myrtle Tree, Silver-plated
Cyprus, with acrylic base, 15 cm x 20 cm x 4 cm, 494 gr, Gift packaging - Description Greek & English, Silver-plated Brass, Sculpture, 460 gr

Inspired by the myrtle tree, we created a work of art using two large branches with small twigs with blossoms on them, twined in hand, which we then placed on an acrylic base (plexiglass).

Dimensions: 15cm x 20cm x 4cm

Silver-plated Brass in silver solution 999°.

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Baby pacifier coated with silver and engraved by laser
S4E 001204
Baby Pacifier, Silver
Gift packaging - Description Greek & English

Your baby’s first pacifier or a new one can be "coated" with shiny metal of your preference and become a unique Shine4ever memorabilia! For a more personalized gift we can engrave a name, a date by laser, handmade only by

Pacifier coated with silver.

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