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Earrings in the shape of scoop. They were found in Cyprus in an archaeological site. Ancient jewellery can be seen and admired at the Archaeological Cyprus Museum and the Pierides Museum in Nicosia and the Pierides Foundation in Limassol in Cyprus. The earring are handmade casted in solid silver 925°.

Dimensions: 1 cm x 3 cm x 1 mm

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The archaic period in Cyprus is marked by the successive passage to the island of the Assyrians, Egyptian and Persian conquerors. Nevertheless, the Cypriot kingdoms managed to maintain their autonomy by paying tribute to the conquerors. During this period, the island experienced a great cultural bloom, culminating in the 8th to the 7th century BC. which has been known as the "golden age". All forms of art among them and jewelery are in a period of acne. The most important finds from this period come from the city of Salamis, which was the most important kingdom of that time, being also the capital of Cyprus.

In various areas of Salamis have been built monumental tombs known as the "royal". From these graves came a plethora of landscapes.

6th century B.C.
Dimensions (WxHxD):
1 cm x 3 cm
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28 gr
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Sterling Silver 925°
12 gr

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