Roumi, Silver Bracelet

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Roumi silver bracelet. Inspired from designs of embroidery on the traditional dresses of women of the city of Roumlouki in the district of Imathia in Greece.

Solid silver 925°

Dimensions: 6 cm x 1cm

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Roumkouki's costume is characterized by simplicity and rigor of its general coloring, which differentiates it from the general rule of the colorful designs that prevail in Greek costumes. From the rumble costume is also missing the load of clothes, allowing women to stand out the silhouette ...

The female costume consists of:

  • the coat (thick woolen jersey)
  • Coarse or thin cotton shirt,
  • the cervix,
  • the waist (long coat)
  • shortness,
  • Bronx (extra sleeves),
  • The Zion,
  • the apron or fuchsia.

In the winter, the hood and shorts (woolen coats), socks, dangling and stuffed boots were added. The costume was completed by the headband - the goat and the other jewelery - and the embroidery on the body.

Roumlouki (Greek: Ρουμλούκι, from the Ottoman Turkish Rûmlık, "place of the Rûm")[1] or Kampania (Καμπανία), is the traditional name of the northeastern part of Imathia, specifically the plain of the lower Aliakmon Rive

Dimensions (WxHxD):
6,5 cm x 1 cm
Gross Weight:
44 gr
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Sterling Silver 925°
17 gr

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