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Board Games

Byzantium , 330 - 1453 A.D., with handmade crafted wooden board , 43,5 cm x 51,5 cm x 6,5 cm, 4500 gr, Alabaster, Solid Silver 925° and Vermeil, Board Game, 4400 gr

Backgammon with 30 numismatic draughts, depicting 15 Byzantine Emperors, as they were depicted on the coins of the Byzantine Empire.

Dimensions: Draughts: 3,5cm Coins: 2,4cm Board: 43,5cm x 51,5cm x 6,5cm

Wooden board and draughts, made of alabaster, solid silver 925° and vermeil.

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Greece, 1821 A.D., with alabaster chessboard, 35 cm x 35 cm x 3,5 cm, 5800 gr, English pewter, Board Game, 5700 gr

The chess of the 1821 Greek Revolution! A battle in miniature on an alabaster chessboard with 32 pawns, inspired by the Greek and Turkish fighters of the Revolution.

Dimensions of the chessboard: 35cm x 35cm x 3,5cm

Height of the pawns: 4,5cm - 7cm

Alabaster chessboard and pawns, made of english pewter.

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