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Handmade charms' proposals in brass, silver, copper, gold-plated 24k and silver-plated in silver solution 999°. Charms are offered on the comming of a New Year, a newborn, a new house, a new car, for our well being! They come with a tassel, but you can always specify your preference by sending us a note... to offer it as a pendant, as a key-ring and anything you wish.

"Take a piece of Greece with you!" and celebrate with style your special moments!

Ancient Greece, 16th century B.C., with tassel, 3 cm, 30 gr, Gift packaging - Description Greek & English, Brass, Charms, 15 gr

The Octopus Charm, comes from a Mycenaean golden hair decoration (which is kept in the National Archaeological Museum of Athens). An ancient jewel used for hair decoration depicting an octapus with spirals on the end of its tentacles. It can also be offered as a key-ring.

Dimensions: 3cm x 2mm

Handmade solid brass.

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Ancient Greece, 2000 - 1600 B.C., with tassel, 3,5 cm x 2 mm, 30 gr, Gift packaging - Description Greek & English, Brass, Charms, 15 gr

Nine Leaves Rosette. This year we chose a design from a vase decoration from Kamares in Crete. The nine leaves symbolize the year 2019 together with an artistic "9" in the middle. The vases were found in the Palace of Knossos and are dated around 2000-1700 b.C.

Dimensions: 3,5 cm x 2 mm

Handmade solid brass with tassel and gift packaging.

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