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Υour lucky charm for 2014!

As a lucky charm for the New Year we created a key-ring, inspired by the silver coin of Delphi. We combined the four dolphins depicted in the ancient coin with the number 4 in 2014, symbolizing at the same time the Greek culture and the new year. Dolphins are the symbols of luck, friendship, freedom and joy. They represent the death of the past and the rebirth of a new life and form the link between mankind and the magical world of endless sea.

This lucky charm is crafted by hand and is in brass with 24 carat gold-plating.

Diameter: 2,5cm

Order yours now in gold 24K or offer it as a gift to your loved ones ... to bring them luck!

All prices include VAT.

All of our creations are handmade and are accompanied by a certificate of authenticity and a guarantee of our workshop.

Estimated delivery time :           - Greece : 5 working days

                                                  - Europe : 7 - 10 working days

                                                 - Rest of world : 10 - 28 working days

The dolphin, was considered as the king of the seas by the ancient Greeks and it was the symbol of Delphinium Apollo and Neptune.

As a symbol of the Olympian gods, it had a special place in ancient art, as a decorative motif. There are two dolphins that adorn the lovely mural in "Akrotiri" in Thera.The mural of dolphins, found in the Queen's Hall in Palace of Knossos, is a very famous monument of the Minoan culture.

Dolphins were depicted on vases combined with deities. There were also depicted in ancient coinsThe most famous coin was the silver coin of Delphi, that depicted four dolphins.

Many writers, poets, musicians and artists in general praised the dolphins. Many myths were referred to dolphins. The most well known myth, is the one of the captivity of Dionysus by Tyrrhenian pirates. As punishment for their crime, Dionysus turned the pirates into dolphins.A relief that depicts the transformation of the pirates into dolphins is rescued at the Choragic Monument of Lysicrates.

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