Sep 16, 2016
by Theodore Chryssanthidis
Ασημένια κουδουνίστρα αρύβαλλος με κρίκο

Our effort would have not been completed if we had not designed a "corner" for children! So here at or better more at "MuMa" - easier for children to pronounce - we improvise and try to create items that have source of inspiration the art and culture of ancient Greece in order to create special gift proposals for mums and for our little friends!

In our "Kids’ Corner", you will find handmade silver 999° items, mainly because it is a safe metal, in case a baby wants not only to play with... but also to "taste" it! We always want to offer to the newborn an exclusive and classy gift and it is also a Greek custom to offer an item in silver to welcome the new member of the family!

Our collection, will of course include other materials such as, the clay toys you have already seen in this category, the unique handmade creations of my beloved Myrto Poltaki from Crete, who is a mother and works in her kitchen home, after putting her babies to sleep!

Stay tuned! We have a lot more news to come ...!

The product design team.



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